Just left of the pots and pans, behind the sofa and deep under the bed, you’ll find Ricetown, where the Ricemonsters live. Where does your Ricemonster come from? Join us as we explore the diverse habitats of Ricetown and its inhabitants.

Ricetown Centre

The busiest part of Ricetown, if you want to make it big this is where you go! Full of trendy bars and cafes it’s a popular destination for young Ricemonsters with big glasses and even bigger dreams. 

hello my name is ricemomo

Ricemono wouldn’t be anywhere else. They can’t get enough of the hubbub and the coffee.

Ricemelon moved here from the country to start a Juice bar. 

Also living here: Ricebonbon, Ricecoal, Ricecracker, Ricedapper, Ricepapa, Ricefluff, Ricehawking, Ricejagger, Riceroar, Ricetache, Ricelolly, Ricegroovy, Ricemono, Ricemon, Ricehubert

Ricetown Farm

 Here is where a lot of the food for Ricetown is grown. Ricemonsters are used to a slower pace of life out here, harvesting vegetables, tractor derbies,  they even have a petting zoo so the little ones can meet the animals.

 Ricewool is a strict vegetarian, they grow prize winning strawberries. 

Riceturnip is the fastest rabbit in Ricetown and loves running around Ricetown farm tending to their vegetables.

Also living here: Riceberry, Ricecarrot, Ricemimi, Ricemomo, Ricemere

Ricetown Ocean

A very myseterious place. We know more about Ricemoon than we do about the deepest parts of Ricetown Ocean. But don't worry there are lots of super lovely Ricemonsters to meet down there. 


Ricejelly’s favourite hobby is surfing so Ricetown Ocean is perfect for them. The only down side is getting hold of their favourite food peanut butter.


Ricepearl is a powerful mystic and tells fortunes of wayward travellers.

Also living here: Ricesprinkle, Ricecoral, Ricesurumi, Ricesushi

Ricetown Desert

The most arid and harsh part of Ricetown. At first glance it would seem that there is no life at all. But take a closer look, plenty of Ricemonsters have made it their home. Many come out here from Ricetown centre to get a glowing tan. 


Riceleon is the self-proclaimed king of Ricetown. But all they all they really do is sleep and eat grapes.

 Did you believe Dinosaurs were extinct?  Not this one! Nothing to be scared of though. Ricedino is harmless, they spend most of their time eating sweets. 

Also living here: Missdino, Ricespotty, Ricesavanna, Riceoops, Riceouch

Ricetown Sky

The highest part of Ricetown, the Ricemonsters who live here tend to keep themselves to themselves. However, when they are playing it can effect the lives of other Ricetown residents, the weather can change and even the time of day. 

 Ricebow is quite allusive, coming out to play when their friend Ricerain is out and about.A little temperamental, Ricestorm is usually very nice but can get angry very quikly and the whole sky goes dark.

Also living here:  Ricehush, Ricesnooze, Ricerain, Ricesnore, Ricetwinkle

Ricetown Icy Park

The coolest place in Rictown, the Icy Park is home of the Ricetown winter games. Popular amongst winter sports enthusiasts and fisherman it's a must see for those who love the cold. 


 Riceberg spends their time icefishing between the glaciers. They are very furry so never get cold


Ricepudding lives in an ingloo on the edge of the park. They like the quiet and can found curled up in front of the fire with a good book.

Also living here: Ricecube, Ricekating, Ricepuffy

Ricetown Beach

When the sun comes out everyone goes down to the beach. Its' great place to read a book and relax, huge amounts of ricecream is consumed and Ricemonsters build sandcastles as big as houses.


Ricehaddock is the most swashbuckling Ricemonster around. Adventuring and finding doubloons is their main past-time.

Ricebombshell is Ricetowns very own mermonster. They love to play with their friend Ricesplash and collect shells to make gifts.

Also living here: Ricesplash

Ricetown Vegetable Patch

This where the fruit and veg Ricemonsters live.  Full of colour and variety It’s probably the most densely populated  place in Ricetown. Everyone is very healthy here, scientists often visit to learn the secrets to clean living. Riceprout is obsessed with christmas. If they had it their way it would be Christmas on the vegetable patch all year round.

Riceroom is Ricetown's only botanist and despite living on the vegetable patch spends much of their time in Ricetown jungle looking for new species of plant. 

Also living here: Riceananas, Ricebeet, Riceapple, Ricecrunch, Ricefig, Ricegarlic, Ricepeach, Ricepear, Ricetomato, Ricesweet, Ricepumpkin, Ricebee, Ricefly, Ricebat, Ricebutter, Riceacorn, Ricebaba, Ricejam, Ricelemon, Ricedandi, Ricecherries, Ricebloom, Riceparsnip

Ricetown Jungle

The wildest part of Ricetown you’ll find the most species of plant and wildlife here. Due to the dense vegetation its easy to get lost, but don’t worry there’s plenty of friendly Ricemonsters to hang out with.

 Ricebamboo is fancy panda with very fancy tastes. They don’t even eat bamboo, only the finest red roses.

Riceaahaah is mischievous little monkey and loves playing peekaboo with their friend Riceoohooh.

Also living here: Ricebambee, Ricecharming, Ricecoco, Riceless, Riceslow, Dobird, Rebird, Mibird, Riceoohooh