Good day to you, you can call me Ricepeach. Please do not try and pinch my cheeks. All the Ricemonsters who come to Ricetown Vegetable Farm do it and I find it very annoying! Especially when I'm trying to take care of my scrumptious peaches.

Favourite thing: Watching the Noos
Dislike: Their cheeks being pinched
Can't live without: Their diary

Ricepeach is best friends with Ricetomato, they like to do serious things together like watch Ricetown Noos and read the Ricetown Noos-Paper.

They keep their skin peachy soft by putting a top-secret lotion on before bed every night. Rumour has it that the lotion might contain peach flower petals, but shhh it's a secret.

They have their own Noo-Tube channel called Everything is Peachy, which they use to teach their viewers how to grow peaches.

Ricepeach thinks a lot, they write all their thoughts down in a secret diary.

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