1. Handmade Envelope Add-ons

    Handmade Envelope Add-ons

    Our new handmade envelope add-ons are the sweetest finishing touch to your already adorable gift. Read about them here:

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  2. Noodoll Pre-loved

    Noodoll Pre-loved

    We just launched our Pre-loved Shop. Read all about Noodoll Pre-loved and our Friends for Life project here.

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  3. Easter Egg Hunt 2022

    Easter Egg Hunt 2022

    Everything you need to know about our big online Easter Egg Hunt - Happening this bank holiday weekend at

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  4. Sample Sale

    Sample Sale

    This Spring we're hosting another sample sale! There are tons of unique designs and discounted items waiting to be cuddled.

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  5. DIY: Ricemonster bookmarks

    DIY: Ricemonster bookmarks

    It's World Book Day! Time to love reading even more with this free download of some super cute bookmark friends

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  6. NEW: Meet Ricespud

    NEW: Meet Ricespud

    Say hello to the cutest couch potato and your new plushie obsession: Ricespud

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  7. NEW: Lunar New Year Collection

    NEW: Lunar New Year Collection

    To celebrate Lunar New Year we've brought together a new collection of plushie friends inspired by the imagery, traditions and symbols of the holiday.

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  8. Prosperous Pineapple Set

    Prosperous Pineapple Set

    Pineapples are symbolically auspicious in Chinese culture. Discover why and read more about our delicious cake collab with Dot Dot.

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  9. NEW: Adorable Pencil Cases

    NEW: Adorable Pencil Cases

    Say hello to our new pencil case collection. Six sweet designs to brighten your day.

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  10. The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2021

    The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2021

    Read our round-up of the best and most unique gifts for playful people this Christmas

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