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Noodoll Noos

  1. The Ultimate Noodoll Christmas Gift Guide 2022

    The Ultimate Noodoll Christmas Gift Guide 2022

    Too much choice this Christmas? Struggling to think of what to get your friends and family? This Noodoll gift guide will take you through the thoughtful treats and most unique gifts Noodoll has in store this Christmas!

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  2. Spud Loving Gift Guide

    Spud Loving Gift Guide

    Let’s have a look at the treats and most unique gifts in store for any Ricespud lovers out there this Christmas!

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  3. Pre-loved Halloween Collection

    Pre-loved Halloween Collection

    A new Noodoll Pre-loved collection, especially for Halloween!

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  4. Explore the Noodoll Graveyard

    Explore the Noodoll Graveyard

    Come with us on a spooky walk through the Noo Graveyard - it’s a trip down memory lane, remembering some of the Ricemonsters that are no longer with us.

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  5. Welcome to our Halloween Shop

    Welcome to our Halloween Shop

    Trick or treat yourself to one of our new Halloween plushies!

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  6. NEW: Adorable Enamel Pins

    NEW: Adorable Enamel Pins

    Check out our latest product range, featuring 10 hard enamel pins to collect.

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  7. Behold: GIANT Ricespud

    Behold: GIANT Ricespud

    Ricespud is back and bigger than ever! Meet our new SUPER giant plush Ricespud, the perfect potato for those who need extra big hugs! 

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  8. NEW: Meet Ricelogi

    NEW: Meet Ricelogi

    Say hello to not one, but two new adorable faces in Ricetown; Ricelogi standard and mini plush toys are the most cuddly tree logs that just can’t wait to sit and relax with you!

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  9. NEW: Meet Ricekinoko

    NEW: Meet Ricekinoko

    The latest addition to our mini plush toy range (and also to our mushroom collection!) Say hello to Ricekinoko, the sweetest little shiitake mushroom you’ll ever see! 

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  10. Sustainable Water Bottles

    Sustainable Water Bottles

    We’ve teamed up with our friends at 24Bottles to bring you this cute and colourful collaboration. These adorable bottles are high quality, sustainably made and uniquely designed for all your outdoor adventures! Read about them here:

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