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A-A-ACHOOOO! I'm Ricebambee, the panda. I am allergic to everything in Ricetown Jungle so I sneeze a lot! Every sneeze I do is different, some sound really silly, Ricecoco loves to laugh at those ones! Some are really loud, Re Bird loves to complain about those! Sometimes I do loads of sneezes one after another ACHOO ACHOO ACHOO.

Favourite thing: Bamboo
Dislike: Sneezing
Can't live without: Tissues

Ricebambee invented red rose flavoured Ricecream for Ricebamboo to eat, it is even shaped like a rose!

Ricebambee is alergic to everything, even the air! They have to carry tissues everywhere they go.

They like to try and catch beautiful butterflies with their net, but when they get near to one they always sneeze and scare them away.

Not once has Ricebambee gotten lost in the vast Ricetown Jungle. They are great at geography and can read any map, even secret treasure maps!

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