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I’m Dino, did I scare you? I didn't mean to! I might be a dinosaur but I promise I'm the friendliest Dinosaur in Ricetown Desert. I only use my sharp teeth to eat yummy snacks. I always eat too many, I can't help it, I'm always hungry!

Favourite thing: Sweets
Dislike: Scaring Ricemonsters with my sharp teeth
Can't live without: Munching

Dino spends a lot of time eating yummy treats at Miss Dino's sweet shop.

Dino is always hungry, when their tummy rumbles they like to make pancakes. They can flip them really high!

Halloween is Dino's favourite time of year, they get to be scary and eat all the sweets!

Dino loves to smile but worries that all their friends will find their sharp teeth scary.

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