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Hi, I’m...erm.....Riceturnip, working on Ricetown Farm. All my Ricemonster friends say I'm the fastest bunny they have ever seen. It makes me a little bashful when they mention it but it's nice of them to say!

Favourite thing: Running
Dislike: Making speeches
Can't live without: Quiet time

Riceturnip can run super fast, they dream of running in the Ricetown Farm's sports day race but are too shy to enter.

Riceturnip likes to draw monster faces on the eggs they collect from the hens on Ricetown farm, do you think they are scary?

To build their confidence Riceturnip sings at karaoke nights in Ricetown Centre, they are still a little bashful so they wear a funky cap as a disguise.

Riceturnip does not like to talk much but their long ears are great for listening.

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