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Ahem! My name is Ricebamboo, you won't find another panda like me in the Ricetown Jungle. I'm special, I don't do things other pandas do, like eat bamboo! I eat the finest red roses for dinner, nom nom nom, delicious!

Favourite thing: Roses
Dislike: Bamboo
Can't live without: Fancy things

Ricebamboo does not like the taste of bamboo. They thinks it's boring to eat the same thing all the time, they like to taste different plants.

Ricebamboo is part of the jungle clean-up group, they help to pick up litter and keep the jungle nice and tidy.

Ricebamboo always give their unwanted bamboo to other Ricemonsters for their birthday.

Ricebamboo enjoys going to the fun fair, they usually eat candy floss or play games, but one day they would like to brave the Ferris wheel, it's super high!

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