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Hehe, It’s me Ricepear! Ricefarm is my playground I love to have fun and be silly. My job is great too, I get to taste the fruit and vegetables to ensure they are the yummiest they can be. Sometimes I sneak a not so yummy apple into Ricetomato’s lunch box, yuck, hehe!

Favourite thing: Tasting fruit and vegetables
Dislike: Being boring
Can't live without: Having fun with Ricebeet

Ricepear never misses meal time! Even though they are one of the smallest Ricemonsters, they have a big appetite!

They love to play tricks on other Ricemonsters with their best friend Ricebeet. They are a cheeky ‘pear’ of pranksters.

Ricepear has very unique taste buds that are extremely sensitive to how food tastes. Their tongue got them their job on the farm.

They were the winner of Ricefarm's Silly Contest for their idea to put smiley faces on all the fruit and vegetables.

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