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Meoow, it's me Ricemimi. I was just having the best dream about being the only cat on Ricetown Farm, but now I can't remember what I was supposed to be doing. Oh, I know! I was going to take a cat nap.

Favourite thing: Balls of wool
Dislike: Mice
Can't live without: Rice milk

Ricemimi spends most of their time on Ricetown Farm daydreaming about being the only cat in Ricetown, then they could drink as much delicious rice milk as they wants.

Ricemimi enjoys trying new and excting food, they recently tasted mouse at a picnic, SQUEAK!

Like most cats Ricemimi does not enjoy having wet fur, but they do visit the beach a lot for the yummy Ricecream.

Ricemimi likes to cat nap with the woolly blanket Ricemere made them.

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