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Humph...What do you want? I’m Ricetomato, I don’t agree with most things, especially what chores other Ricemonsters say need to be done. Do you know what I say to them? Tom-at-NO! I spend my days on Ricetown Vegetable Farm doing what I think is best. Now, that’s enough chit-chat so go away!

Favourite thing: Ricepeach
Dislikes: Ketchup on fries, sneezing, pranks, jokes, laughter, flowers, dancing and parties
Can't live without: Looking my best

Ricetomato has hay fever and is always sneezing, all the other Ricemonsters think this is what makes them so grumpy!

Ricetomato doesn’t get along with any Ricemonster, except their friend Ricepeach.

They to look theor best and always comb their leaves so they lay in a neat and smart looking way.

They hate the sun. It gives them freckles which Ricemonsters think are cute. Ricetomato does not like to be called cute!

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