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Knock Knock! Who’s there? It’s me Ricebeet, Yippee! I love to tell jokes that make all the Ricemonsters on Ricetown Vegetable Farm laugh. Do you want to hear one? Why did the banana go to the doctor? Because they weren't peeling well! Hahaha, wasn’t that funny?

Favourite thing: Laughing
Dislikes: Scary movies
Can't live without: Telling jokes

Ricebeet loves to throw parties for all their Ricemonster pals. Let’s turn up the beet and dance!

In their spare time Ricebeet works as a comedian, they like to perform their jokes for other Ricemonsters.

Ricebeet is always happy, nothing can make them sad, not even being told off for being silly by grumpy Ricetomato.

They find most things funny, especially Ricepear's jokes.

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