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Hello, I'm Ricepapa, the oldest Ricemonster in town, I have become a very wise old mouse over the years. Ricemonsters from all over Ricetown Centre like to come to me with their day-to-day troubles. They say I give the best advice and make the best cheese in town.

Favourite thing: Giving advice
Dislikes: A messy moustache
Can't live without: Cheese

Ricepapa makes the best cheese in the whole of Ricetown Centre, it's not smelly at all!

Ricepapa has an extraordinary moustache, it's gold! They like to polish it everyday to keep it nice and shiny.

Ricepapa is the president of the moustache group where members meet up and talk about moustaches.

Ricepapa used to be the sheriff in the Ricetown Centre police force, but they are retired now.

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