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Hey, I’m Ricecarrot and I love love love gardening on Ricetown Farm! Nothing makes me hoppier than getting my bunny rabbit paws a little messy in the soil planting seed or taking care of my crops.

Favourite thing: Recycling
Dislike: Insecticides
Can't live without: Gardening

Ricecarrot is a great gardener, they know almost all there is to know about plants and flowers.

Ricecarrot encourages all their Ricemonster friends to recycle. They even use straw to make hats and bags!

Ricearrot wears special magnifying glasses to see wriggly worms, buzzy bees and pretty butterflies in their garden, they all help it grow!

Ricecarrot is the best bunny at digging on Ricetown Farm and they like to teach little ones how to garden.

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