Our Ricemonster night lights have had a make-over. What do you think? Our new range, featuring the popular Ricepudding, Ricecarrot, Ricepuffy and Ricecracker styles, is softer, smarter and more sustainable than ever before. 

Made with 100% environmentally-friendly silicone and totally BPA free, these stylish night lights are the perfect eco accessory for any room, whether on a shelf or by the bed. And thanks to their super sweet design they look just as cute switched on or off. We know what we're putting on our birthday lists this year!

New tap-on technology

Our new silicone night lights feature magical tap-on technology. Cool to the touch, simply pat your Ricemonster on their head to switch between bright light, warm glow and off modes. When fully charged (via the micro-USB provided) your night light will shine with it's LED light for up to 24 hours, or if you prefer, set the 15 minute timer and it will silently turn itself off when the hour is up. This fun new technology means our night lights are more playful and magical than ever before, and capture the imaginations of both kids and adults alike.


Designed with love and care

Our new night lights come in a slightly larger size, better for both ease of carrying and amount of light given out. They're squishy and soft (thanks to the silicone design) which means they're more durable and huggable than before too. As part of our promise to be kinder to our planet, we've also chosen sustainable and eco-friendly design features such as the silicone material, rechargable batteries and recycable packaging.

What people are saying

You guys love our night lights almost more than we do! We've had such a wonderful response from all kinds of people; from night lights to soothe babies and toddlers to sleep to cute ambient lights for teens and adults. We've heard they're great for camping trips, breastfeeding, living room decor and more. Let us know what you use yours for on our Instagram. Tag us @noodoll or #noodoll.


Who will you choose?

With four pretty pastel designs to choose from these cute animal night lights are the perfect gift for little ones or big ones too! Hop into bed like Ricecarrot the pink rabbit, light up the room like Ricecracker the yellow mouse, snuggle down with Ricepuffy the friendly white monster, or have sweet sweet dreams like little blue bear Ricepudding! You can find out more about the night lights here or about each of the characters by choosing a name: Ricecarrot, Ricecracker, Ricepuffy or Ricepudding.