Apr 27
paper bookmark and postcard diy

D.I.Y Paper bookmark and postcard to decorate!

Posted 20 hours ago by Noodoll

We love bookmarks here at Noodoll, we’re all about cute characters and these little paper buddies are perfect for keeping track of notes and doodles! We love to see the little characters poking out of books and notebooks. In this fun D.I.Y you can decorate your own paper bookmark with postcard.  Read More

Apr 21
Icy Park DIY activity

Icy Park fun activity for kids!

Posted 1 week ago by Noodoll

Two brand new plush toys have landed in Ricetown! Meet Ricecube and Riceberg two furry polar bears who love swimming, eating tasty fish and big hugs. Riceberg and Ricecube are made with the softest long fur and have cute embroidered faces. They’re chubby and huggable just like all our Ricemonsters! Discover Icy Park and make your own Ricecube and Riceberg paper toys, basket and boat with this fun printable activity!

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Apr 13
noodoll easter hunt

The Top Creative Ideas For A Unique Easter Egg Hunt 2017

Posted 2 weeks ago by Noodoll

Creative ideas for your Easter egg hunt this spring!

All our Ricemonsters are excited for Easter here at Noodoll HQ, not just for all the chocolate eggs, but for our epic Easter egg hunt! If you want to have a little bit of fun this Easter, read on, because we’re listing some brilliant ways you can make your Easter egg hunt creative…

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Mar 31

Ricetown Colouring Pages

Posted 3 weeks ago by Noodoll

We have created five printable colouring pages so you can explore each part of Ricetown and their inhabitants. You will meet our brand new Ricemonsters and see your favourite friends! Download the templates below and have fun colouring!

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Mar 23

D.I.Y Mother’s Day 3D Card

Posted 1 month ago by Noodoll

It’s nearly Mother’s day, the day we celebrate the wonderful women who care for us, inspire us and support us!

If you’re looking for a unique and fun way to tell your Mum how much you love her, look no further.

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Mar 8
Women's day Noodoll DIY project

Make your own Women’s Day D.I.Y bookmarks!

Posted 1 month ago by Noodoll

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today, we are so happy to be celebrating all women around the world! This week we have cooked up a special D.I.Y project for you in the spirit of women’s week!

Download this printable template to make and colour your very own iconic bookmarks, featuring Egyptian queen Cleopatra, Master of the Arts Frida Khalo and the wonderful actress and activist Audrey Hepburn. You can also let your imagination run free and choose your very favourite women to draw on the blank bookmark, or even create a self-portrait. Find the template on this link and follow the step by step instructions below!

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Mar 3
Fun Noodoll DIY colouring page

D.I.Y Noodoll Colouring Page

Posted 1 month ago by Noodoll

Print and colour this Ricemonster colouring page and show off your art skills!

Hi Noodoll friends, this week we have created a fun colouring page featuring our favourite characters Ricebonbon and Ricemon going for a day out! These two Ricemonster friends love to go on days out together as soon as the sun is out, today Ricebonbon has brought some watermelon to share. Ricestorm are also joining them, hopefully he won’t bring to much rain! Print this colouring page out and show off your art skills!

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Feb 23
Racing cars DIY

D.I.Y Noodoll Racing Car

Posted 2 months ago by Noodoll

Make your own fun Noodoll racing cars and drivers using our printable template. Zoom off with the Ricemonsters, but who will win the race!?

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Feb 16
Finger Puppet DIY

D.I.Y Noodoll Finger Puppets

Posted 2 months ago by Noodoll

Make your own Noodoll finger puppets with this fun D.I.Y! Download the template and print it out on a thick A4 white paper then, follow the instructions below. Have fun!

Download the template here

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Feb 9

D.I.Y Find the Noodoll Pair

Posted 2 months ago by Noodoll

We have created another fun DIY activity for you, download and print this fun Noodoll find the pair and play! You can even store it in a cute printable Noodoll heart envelope available here! Have fun!

All you need to do is download and print the template available here, and follow the instructions below!

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Jan 25

D.I.Y Chinese New Year Cut-outs

Posted 3 months ago by Noodoll

Paper cutting is one of the oldest folk arts in China, it’s thought to date back to the 6th century! Paper cuts are used for decoration or given as gifts. Paper cuts pasted on doors are supposed to bring good luck!

We’ve created a selection of Noodoll cut outs for you to make to decorate your home for Chinese New Year!

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Dec 16

D.I.Y Noodoll Christmas Crackers

Posted 4 months ago by Noodoll

Follow our step by step guide to make your own Noodoll monster christmas crackers. Fill with tiny gifts and sweets or use to decorate your xmas tree!

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Dec 15

Giveaway Winners Announced

Posted 4 months ago by Noodoll

Thanks to everyone who entered our Advent Giveaway and the amazing brands who gave prizes! We have chosen our winners, we hope you enjoy your prizes. We will be sad to see them leave all the studio, but we know they’re off to good homes!

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