Noodoll is proud to let toys be toys!

Noodoll is a brand born out of playful imagination and loving dedication. From product quality to customer happiness, we want to bring a little playfulness and joy to your everyday life and bring new friends together!

Our Ricemonsters cross oceans and reach customers all over the world - for a little company (with a big heart,) nothing brings us more delight than hearing from our Noo Fam about the stories, drawings, games and friendship that your Noodolls have inspired as they continue their journey through the world with you.

Which is why Noodoll is very proud to be awarded by Let Toys Be Toys’ “Toymark for Good Practice” for marketing inclusively to children, free from gender stereotypes. Noodoll thinks it’s very important that all toys are inclusive to everyone, and that’s why, as well as all our Ricemonsters being unbelievably soft and undeniably cuddly, we also keep all of our Ricemonsters gender neutral! 

By keeping all our toys gender neutral, it lets kids be free to be playful and explore using their imagination, free from any gender stereotypes - after all, these Ricemonsters are designed to be loved for a lifetime, no matter what.