Cute Cacti's are the essential spring item!

It’s Springtime, so what better time to take a closer look at Noodoll’s growing nature plush toy collection, full of colourful, popular bestsellers and brand new unique designs.

First let’s introduce our new Cacti duo, Ricepipa and Riceti. This prickly pair are the perfect gift for any nature lovers out there! ​​Ricepipa, the mini cactus plushie, has a bright green body, little flappy arms, yellow glasses and a beautiful red flower on top of their head - how cute! 

And whilst some of their friends in the Ricedesert grew flowers, Riceti grew a beautiful monobrow! This quirky looking cactus companion with a soft and fluffy eyebrow, a plush dark green body and super sweet embroidered details, this Riceti plush toy is so excited to come home with you and be your new best friend!

Can’t decide which to get? Then you won’t want to miss our cacti bundle deal - click here!

And let’s not forget our OG cactus Ricemonster, Riceouch, the friendly cactus who loves big hugs! This sweet Ricemonster has a bright green body, soft embroidered cactus prickles, a toothy grin and a tiny little flower growing on their arm! 

Riceouch is the perfect pal to cuddle up with after a long day, which Noodoll cactus is your fave?

Mini Mushrooms Must-Haves

We also have a growing collection of mushroom mini plush toys: Riceroom, Ricemogu and Ricekinoko.

Riceroom has a beige body and a dusty pink head with yellow spots and a signature Noodoll embroidered face, Ricemogu, the toadstool, has a bright red cap with white spots and Ricekinoko, the shiitake mushroom, has a beige body, made from our fluffiest fabric, and a brown head decorated with delicately embroidered green chives on top!

Each mushie comes with a handy velcro strap to hang on your bags, attach on your keyrings or wherever you please, which makes these mushrooms the perfect fungi friends to go on adventures with. Check out our Mushroom Bundle deal here.

Lovely Logs make the perfect present for tree lovers!

And last but not least, how could we leave out our adorable Ricelogi mini and standard plushes?! Ricelogi was once chopped from the tallest tree in Ricetown. We thought all hope was lost, but with a little optimistic thinking and a lot of patience Ricelogi sprouted themselves a brand new shoot. It pays off to be a dreamer!

Welcome this cuddly, squishy Ricelogi plush into your home and feel their positive vibes and calming presence brighten your day. 

These little log friends are made from our fluffiest, softest fabric ever! They're full of wonderfully delicate details like embroidered freckles, tree rings and little claws. And, like all of our Ricemonsters, they're stuffed to the brim for maximum cuddles and squish. Ricelogi mini has the sweetest smiling face, and Ricelogi standard has the classic Noodoll expression - and we also have a GIANT Ricelogi plush, how could you miss that?!

With so many adorable Noodoll plushies to choose from, who will you pick as your perfect little companion this spring? Can’t decide? Why not start a collection, the Ricemonsters love to be together with their friends!

And don’t forget, we also have Ricemogu and Ricelogi enamel pins, so make sure you check those out here!