Noodoll Pre-loved is blooming!

A new Noodoll Pre-Loved collection is on the horizon, this time ready for Spring! If you haven’t heard of our Pre-loved collection before, please visit our Friends for Life page here to find out more. When you own a Ricemonster, they forever own a place in your heart. If the time comes for you to say goodbye to your little friend, you can do so safely in the knowledge that they will go on and be loved by someone new.

Pre-loved and Earth Day

As an environmentally conscious plush company, we focus on responsible toy disposal, upcycling and waste reduction with our Pre-loved range. Our dream with this project is to change the way people think about second-hand toys!  For this new Pre-loved Spring 2024 collection, which will go on sale April 22nd (Earth Day) we focused on a plant/flower based theme - this time incorporating some new, upcycled elements into the toy designs, let’s take a look!

Kahlo the Riceturnip

Kahlo the Riceturnip features some reused felt shapes that were previously used in a Noodoll photoshoot project - some recut and restyled felt turned into this lovely flower display for our Riceturnip bunny rabbit. Will you be the one to take them home?

Amarelo the Riceananas

Amarelo the Riceananas giant plush features a very special little friend - a mini me! The smaller riceananas attached to our big Pre-loved Riceananas is a never before seen Noodoll keychain sample that didn’t go into production! Instead of discarding this unused sample, we decided to pair these pineapples up to create this extra special Pre-loved toy. 
This one-of-a-kind Riceananas duo is ready to add some sweetness to your Spring! 

Rainy the Ricerain

Rainy the Ricerain cushion also features a lovely flower accessory, perfect for the spring months. This beautiful pink flower was used as a sample accessory for a potential new Ricemonster. Once the sampling process was done, and the flower wasn’t needed anymore, we attached it to this lovely blue Ricerain cushion, along with its exclusive Pre-loved plasters, we think it really completes the look! Now they’re ready to hang out with you this Springtime.

If you’d like to send us your Ricemonster, to either be fixed up by our Noodoll surgery or to join the Pre-loved crew, please visit this page here to find out more information.