If you're looking for some super cute mushroom themed gifts this Christmas, for yourself or your fungi loving friends, Noodoll has got you covered. With this handy mushroom gift guide, we've picked out the best Ricemogu products to help you find that perfect present for this upcoming holiday season. Let's take a look to see all our special Ricemogu products that we have in store!

Ricemogu Little Light  (1)

Squishy, soft and NEW for 2023, this cute little Ricemogu mushroom night-light is made from BPA free, environmentally friendly silicone. A cool to the touch, playful pat on the head changes little Ricemogu from brightly lit to softly glowing and off again. (£36.50)

This sweet ambient LED mushroom light makes the perfect desk light companion and can brighten up any bedroom space! And can also be the perfect nightlight friend for little ones at bedtime, too. Make sure you check out our whole collection of Noodoll little lights here.

Ricemogu Mini Plush Toy   (2)

Ricemogu is the perfect little mushroom plushie gift for all ages! Just right to cuten up a bedroom or cuddle with little ones. Ricemogu has a beige body and a bright red cap with white spots, a cute embroidered face and a handy velcro strap and key ring loop to hang wherever you please. Ricemogu makes the perfect pal to go on adventures with! Where will you take them? (£17.50)

And let’s not forget the other mushroom members of Ricemogu’s mushy family - Riceroom and Ricekinoko. Riceroom (3) has a beige body and a dusty pink hair with yellow spots and a classic Noodoll embroidered face and Ricekinoko (4) is made from our fluffiest fabric and has a brown head decorated with delicately embroidered green chives on top! They're all so adorable, which one will you choose this Christmas? Why not get one for each of your friends!

Mushroom Hard Enamel Pins   (5 & 6)

Or if it’s something smaller you’re after, we also have these super cute and stylish Ricemogu (5) and Ricekinoko (6) hard enamel pins. (£7.50) Our enamel pins make not only the cutest accessory to add to your bags, jackets or pin boards, but make an amazing stocking filler too. Affordable and adorable! If it's more enamel pins you're after, make sure to check out our whole collection of enamel pins here.

Whatever you decide to go for this year, Noodoll has you covered this Noel! Have a look at all the products we have to offer in our Christmas shop here. Happy Holidays!