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  1. Sweet Pancake Recipe

    Sweet Pancake Recipe

    It's Pancake Day! And that means its time to bake and eat some super scrumptious treats Our friends at Iwona and Emily have got you covered with this delicious recipe - we think it looks so tasty!

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  2. Make Pancakes with Dino!

    Make Pancakes with Dino!

    There is one thing Dino like above everything else...PANCAKES! That's why Pancake Day is their all time favourite day of the year. They wants to share his recipe with you!
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  3. Summer Fruit Salad

    Summer Fruit Salad

    Making fruit salad is a super fun and really easy activity to try with your little monsters at home. This time of year we can choose from lots of tasty fruit that's in season now, or head to farms and pick our own (even more fun!).
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  4. Ricecrunch Cookie Balls

    Ricecrunch Cookie Balls

    Ricecrunch never stops, they work hard to keep the vegetable patch in Ricetown farm in top shape! This week we have collaborated with the lovely @thathealthjunkie to create a healthy and yummy Ricecrunch cookie ball recipe!
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  5. Ricebeet Soup Recipe

    Ricebeet Soup Recipe

    We have collaborated with @lennesimoblog to bring you this warm Ricebeet  soup recipe, just in time for Autumn!
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  6. Ricepeach Muffin Recipe

    Ricepeach Muffin Recipe

    Ricepeach has soft peachy skin and rosy cheeks who everyone pinches (which really, really annoys Ricepeach). This week we have collaborated with @Enjoy.the_little_things to bring you this juicy Ricepeach muffin recipe to brighten up your day.
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  7. Ricesweet Salad Recipe

    Ricesweet Salad Recipe

    Ricesweet is a clever strawberry who loves to cook healthy colourful food! This week we have collaborated with the lovely @Iwona_and_emily to create a special Ricesweet salad recipe, perfect for summer.

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