This DIY activity is a Mental Health Awareness Week special. It comes in our special Noodoll Friendship Month printable pack. Which is full of fun and creative activites for children (and adults and teenagers too!) that encourage mindfulness and gratitude. We’ve created a slightly different version of those classic Fortune Teller games, to encourage little ones to think about their emotions and offer some ideas on how to manage them. 


How to make

If you haven’t already, click here to buy the printable. You’ll need some scissors and colouring pencils too. You can follow these simple instructions from a previous version. The folding and cutting is all the same!

  1. Colour in your Fortune Teller 
  2. Cut along the solid black line
3. Flip the paper over so that the blank side is facing up
4. Fold all four corners in to meet in the middle. The Ricemonsters should all be touching chins / bellies.
5. Flip it over again so the Ricemonsters are hidden
6. Now fold all of these corners in to meet in the middle
7. Fold in half, press down hard on the fold, and unfold
8. Fold in half the other way
9. Slip your thumb and index finger in underneath the Ricemonster face, put your other two fingers in the opposite faces and adjust.
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