This DIY activity is a Mental Health Awareness Week special. It comes in our special Noodoll Friendship Month printable pack. Which is full of fun and creative activites for children (and adults and teenagers too!) that encourage mindfulness and gratitude. If you haven’t already, click here to buy the printable.


Step 1: Print out the template on nice thin white paper. You will need a pair of scissors and your hands!


Step 2: Using a pair of scissors, cut along the outside dotted lines to make a square.


Step 3: with the ricemonster design facing down, fold your paper in half then open it and fold it in half the other way.


Step 4: With your paper folded in half, and the Noodoll logo on top, fold in the two sides to meet the centre line.


Step 5: Make sure that the fold is made with the Noodoll logo at the top.


Step 6: Fold the two flaps again as shown in the diagram.


Step 7: Once your ricemonster origami is folded as in the picture, fold in the two sides that show on the side.


Step 8: Now fold in the top, this should show a heart. Fold the bottom as well.


Step 9: Fold both of the bottom flaps inside as shown on the diagram.


Step 10: If you have Ricepuffy, fold the horn a little bit to make them look more scary! If you have Ricecracker or Ricebamboo you can fold these bits more flat, to create cute ears.


Step 11: Your ricemonster orgami is complete! Nice one!


Tip: You can use them as a bookmark! You do not need to be limited to this design, use the print-out as a template and trace onto any specialty patterned paper that you like and draw a new monster face! We hope that you enjoy this printable origami DIY. Let us know if you come up with any other great ideas for new origamis or any other cool monster designs!