Stay Hydrated!

In the hot sunny weather we are all enjoying at the moment, one of the most important things you should do is keep hydrated! The perfect summer essential, featuring a lid with a straw and an easy opening quick twist cap, these adorable stainless steel Noodoll bottles, created in collaboration with 24Bottles, are the best picnic must-haves to take out with you to ensure you stay refreshed!

Stainless Steel Bottle Care

With so many cute designs to choose from, including our new for 2022 blue Ricebamboo panda, green Ricedino dinosaur and citrus yellow Ricecracker mouse, you’re sure to find a favourite! Because of their special painted details, the bottles are not dishwasher safe - which means they’ll need to be hand washed. We recommend always washing them out with warm water after use, especially if you've used it for something other than water.

Either mix up some warm water and mild soap, and use a bottle brush to clean the inside of your bottle or, for a more environmentally-friendly option, mix up some baking soda and vinegar. Add a teaspoon of baking soda to your bottle, then pour in the vinegar until it starts to fizz and bubble, then use the bottle brush to give it a scrub.

Make sure to leave your bottle to dry out after cleaning, just leave the bottle with the cap off and the bottleneck facing downward to let water drain out and it’ll be dry in no time!

Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

Do your bit for the planet today and ditch disposable plastic bottles, in favour of one of these eco-friendly, sustainable and adorable Noodoll bottles.

Current designs available are: Riceberry the black bunny, Ricecube the white polar bear, Ricebamboo the blue panda, Ricedino the green dinosaur, Ricecracker yellow mouse and Ricecarrot the pink bunny. Find them here!