The cutest, fluffiest mushroom plush ever!

Ricekinoko, “kinoko” meaning mushroom in Japanese, is the cutest shiitake mushroom chef who enjoys discovering new flavours, cooking for all their friends in Ricetown and having a generally relaxed attitude to life. Nothing ever gets this little mushroom down! They get on wonderfully with Ricemogu and Riceroom, the other mushies in Ricetown, but as you’ll notice they have a super soft beige tummy made from our fluffiest fabric ever, making them extra unique!

A perfect friend to take wherever you go

If you look closely underneath their soft brown hair, you'll find some adorable embroidered  green chives on top of their head. How cute is that?! Ricekinoko also comes with a removable, hook and loop fastening strap and a keyring loop - and don't forget the classic Noodoll claws - making them the perfect mini plush traveling companion to attach to your bags or keyrings.

With a face that cute and two special ways to fasten them to whatever you like, Ricekinoko’s laid back attitude is ready to help you go with the flow. Adopt Ricekinoko today!