Looking for cute halloween costumes to make your plushies halloween-themed and spooky? Play dress-up with us and get your Halloween costumes sorted with this super fun halloween craft activity.

For this project you can use either card or fabric. We've tried one of each as our friends at DHG gifted us some lovely felt to use! Check out our Ricecracker and Ricecarrot above. Who's your favourite?

Before we begin:

Don't forget to print off your template before you begin. The template is designed to fit most standard size and mini plushies. You may need to do some slight adjusting but mostly it's one size fits all!

Gather your materials. Template, pencil, scissors, string and Ricemonster! If you're using felt you'll need an A4 size of that as well as a needle and thread to sewing it. If using card gather a thick and sturdy A4 sheet as well as some glue or double-sided tape.

Step one:

Cut around the dotted lines on your printed sheet to create your stencils.

Step two:

Use your stencils to cut out your costume in either card or fabric. You can also colour in or decorate your costume at this stage as well.

Step three:

Finish off the hat by either folding and securing the tabs (if using card) or stitching the top cone to the base (if using fabric method).

Step four:

It's dress-up time! Attach your Halloween costume to your Ricemonster using string, tape or sewing. Happy trick or treating!

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