Pre-loved is Precious

14 one-of-a-kind Ricemonsters that have been upcycled into unique pieces of art. Each one has been given a whole lot of TLC and hand-finished with adorable custom plasters!

Pre-loved is Community

When you adopt or donate a Ricemonster to Noodoll Pre-loved, you're becoming part of our special family. Our dream with this project is to change the way people think about second-hand. Join us and let's work together to achieve that goal!

Pre-loved is Planet-Friendly

Each Pre-loved Ricemonster takes around 70% less fabric to create and releases 65% fewer emissions than average,meaning a happier planet and happier Ricemonsters too.

Pre-loved is Making New Memories

Our Pre-loved Ricemonsters wear their bold and beauitful plasters with pride. We love the idea that they're already so full of love and memories. Now they're about to embark on the next adventure of their life with you!

Pre-loved is Forever

Our Ricemonsters are made from polyester, which means they can last for a really long time. Our dream for Noodoll Pre-loved is to create a circular economy for our toys. No waste, ever! 

Our Pre-loved collection is super limited edition. These special up-cycled Ricemonsters make the perfect treat for yourself if you're a plush toy collector. If you're looking for a cute sustainable gift (for babies, children or adults!) then our Pre-loved collectables are super thoughtful and unique gift ideas.

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