Our mask range is expanding! We now have 12 colourful mask designs to help you stay playful whilst staying safe. Our fun, animal and monster themed masks come in both kids and adults sizes, so big or small you can spread the sunshine and happiness wherever you go. So whether you're a dino, a cat, a lion or a bunny, click here to visit our mask shop and choose your favourite designs.

Our masks aren't just super cute... they're protective too. We have met the requirements and passed all tests as required by the Spanish Ministry of Health. They have also passed the UNE 0065 specification for reusable hygienic masks. 

  • Filtration efficiency (BFE): 95%
  • Breathability: 20.0 Pa/cm2
  • Soft and comfortable, made from 100% certified organic cotton by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • Triple layered with internal non-woven fabric for extra protection
  • 3 dimensional-nose
  • Adjustable elastic straps
  • Machine washable 40-60°C, flat dry
They don't just do good for you, they help others too! For each mask sold we donate £1 to Gingerbread, our charity partner. Gingerbread are the UK's number one charity helping single parent families in the UK and together we have already raised over £4000 for them. Thank you!

How to wear, wash and dry your mask:

Fitting your mask: 

For effective fitting, please follow the subsequent steps. In order to be as effective as possible, it is also recommended to fit the mask over the bare / shaved skin.

1. Wash hands with soap and water or rub hands with a hydroalcoholic solution before handling the mask. 

2. Identify the upper part of the mask. Place the mask on your face, at the same level as your nose. Adjust the wired part of the mask to fit your nose.

4. Hold the mask from the outside and tie the elastic straps behind your ears.

5. Lower the bottom part of the mask to the chin.

6. Check the mask covers the chin. 

7. Pinch the wired nose clip with both hands to adjust it to your nose 

8. Check that the mask is correctly fitted. It must be sealed around the edges whilst still allowing you to breathe comfortably.

9. Once it is adjusted, do not touch the mask with your hands. If you do need to touch it, wash hands beforehand with soap and water or rub them with a hydroalcoholic solution.

Removing the mask:

To avoid contamination when removing your mask, the following steps must be taken: 

1. Remove any protective gloves.

2. Wash hands with soap and water or rub hands with a hydroalcoholic solution

3. Remove mask without touching the front of it.

4. If your mask is going to be reused see Washing and drying the mask, and if it is going to be disposed of definitively see clause Disposing of the mask.

5. Wash hands with soap and water or rub hands with a hydroalcoholic solution. 

Washing and drying the mask:

Hand wash or machine wash at 60C (140F) with regular detergent. Flat dry before wearing. Do not use products that may degrade or damage the materials and reduce their protective effect. Do not dry or sanitise in a microwave oven.

Avoid environments where the mask may recontaminate during drying as well as in subsequent mask storage. 

After every washing cycle, a visual inspection should be performed (with protective gloves or washed hands). The mask must be disposed of if any damage is detected (looser adjustment, deformation, wear, etc.).

In order to reduce the risks of use of these masks it should be warned they shall be disposed of once the maximum number of washes (5) has been exceeded.

Disposing of the mask: 

Our masks must be disposed of in a container equipped with a plastic bag (preferably with a lid and no manual control). A double bag is recommended in order to safeguard the contents of the first bag in case the outer bag was to tear. Used masks can also be disposed of in biological waste containers. 

Safety note:

Our hygienic masks do not exempt the user from applying barrier gestures and abiding by social distancing measures in accordance with the recommendations outlined by the Ministry of Health

Collective protective measures are a priority over personal protective measures. For our masks to be effective they must be correctly used as indicated below. For this reason, the fitting, use and removal of masks for children must be supervised by an adult.

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