Massive potato plush!

With a super soft body, and the cutest little arms and legs, this jumbo-sized potato plush toy is the ultimate cuddly couch potato. Measuring about 46cm tall, this Ricespud is just stuffed to the brim with extra love and fluff! The perfect giant spud for the squishiest giant hugs.

Is this our favourite plushie ever?

We stuff each giant plush by hand here in our Noodoll London HQ, so you know your giant spud will be absolutely packed full of squish. The more huggable the better, and with their floppy arms and perfectly cuddly shape this big boi is the BEST. The perfect pal to pop on your bed, sofa - or just to carry around with you, why not?!

Tap here to adopt your super giant Ricespud plush today! They can’t wait to be your new BFF for lazy weekend mornings and all-night movie marathons.