The perfect accessory to add to your pin collection

We have worked in collaboration with pppppins to create this beautiful collection of hard enamel pins, featuring some of our classic, well-loved characters and some new faces too! These cute and playful designs are the perfect pins to add to your collection!

Which ones will you choose?

Each Noodoll pin comes with a compostable backing card and a rubber backing clasp in unique shapes such as clouds and hearts, to add that extra bit of cuteness. They’re the perfect accessory to add to your bags, jackets or pin boards - the hard enamel finishing giving them a lovely shine that is sure to catch your eye wherever you decide to put it!

The 10 designs are: Ricelogi tree stump, Riceboo ghost together with Ricerainbow, lazy Ricespud potato, sleeping Ricecracker, Ricebao with chopsticks, chubby Ricemogu mushroom, steamed bun Ricebao, relaxing Riceananas pineapple, lazy Ricebaba aubergine and hungry Ricedino dinosaur.

Choose your favourite or collect them all!