We've got another fun #stayathome activity for you and your little (or big!) monsters to take part in. It's super fun, beats the lockdown boredom and you probably already have everything you need to take part!

It's time for the Annual Ricetown Bake Fair, and Ricebutter (of Ricetown baking royalty) needs your help. Bake a sweet treat inspired by your favourite Ricemonster and enter it into the competition! Scroll down to find out how to play along at home and how you could win!

The competition will run from 1st May - midnight 11th May. 

What do I do?

Bake! You can bake cakes, biscuits, sweeties, cookies... any little treat with added sweetness. The only rule is it must be Ricemonster themed! This could mean it's in the shape of your favourite Ricemonster, be flavoured to taste just like them, or any other creative ways you can think of to represent our little friends!

What will I win?

The winning chef and newly crowned Ricetown Baking Champ will recieve a Ricebutter andRicemonster plush as their prize! The Ricemonster plush you win will be the one depicted in your bakes and cakes - so choose your models wisely.

How do I enter?

You'll need to photograph your delicious cakes and email us here or send to us on Facebook / Instagram. If you're posting on Instagram be sure to also use #mynoodoll hashtag - we give a prize each month to our favourite photo!

For some super creative baking inspiration, check out Ricebutter's favourite finds from our Noo-fam:

Big thank you to the amazing @girlycooker@mysweetdear@violette_paris@becandied@aderynmelys, @blogsweetmum and @chica_e_eu! Thanks for sharing your amazing creations with us - we're honoured that our RIcemonsters were your yummy inspiration!

Hopefully you're all feeling inspired and ready to get creative and have fun with this indoor lockdown activity. Good luck everyone! We're all so excited to see what amazing creations you all come up with!