Whether you’re doing Christmas on a budget, or are ready to go all out, for yourself or your loved ones, Noodoll has got you covered. Our specially dedicated Christmas Shop is open and waiting for you to discover the perfect Noodoll gift, containing lots of discounted bundles and festive treats, or have a look around the rest of the website and see what you can find - the perfect present is definitely out there!

Christmas Under £50

We have irresistible bundles (and savings) in our Christmas shop this year, if you’re looking for a big Noodoll gift this year, why not check out our one of our £45-50 bundles, packed to the brim with cuteness and cuddles! For example, our Christmas Advent and Plush Toy Bundle, choose from beautiful range of festive plush toys together with our bestselling musical advent calendar and save £10.
Or why not go for one of our super plush toy bundles, like our Christmas Treats Bundle - featuring our new Ricemaspud mini plush, Ricespud Snowman mini plush, and a plush toy of your choice! Or our Ricemoo Loves Riceprout Large Stocking Filler - featuring our new Ricemoo Christmas card, Riceprout mini plush toy, Ricemoo plush toy, Ricelogi enamel pin and some Noodoll Merry Christmas stickers, this bundle is the perfect set for anyone this Christmas!

Also newly launched are our limited edition Ricespud mini plush toys - Snowman Ricespud and Angel Ricespud. If you can’t choose which new potato plushie to get, why not get all three, with our Ricespud Triple Combo Christmas Bundle - including one Angel, one Snowman and one classic Ricespud - and save £9.50! Our playful and unique spud designs are sure to spread some smiles this year!

Christmas Under £25

We have loads of treats under £25, making the perfect affordable gift this Christmas! Why not check out our Music Box Christmas Card for £13.95 or any one of our adorable mini plushies on Noodoll.com for £17.50, including our new and improved Ricemaspud Christmas pudding mini plush toy, who is back this year with a new look! Check them out, don’t they look sweet?

Any standard plush toy is also £25 - and what a range we have to choose from! Why not go take a look? Or have a look at our £25 bundles, Ricedino Loves Ricemaspud Stocking Filler and Angel Ricespud Stocking Filler that both feature a lovely mix of Christmas cards, enamel pins, mini plush toys and festive fun stickers - and save £6!

Christmas Under £10

Or if you are just looking for some cute little stocking fillers, look no further! Our range of super cute Noodoll enamel pins are all £7.50, or if you need some Christmas cards to send out to all your friends, check out our Christmas Card Bundle, with a selection of 6 different Christmassy cards for £9.50!

Or what about having a look at our Noodoll sticker packs - including the new range just released for Christmas 2022 - each containing 6 fun sticker designs, they’re perfect for decorating wrapping, customising cards or as sweet little stocking filler presents - and all for £2.50!

Whatever your budget this Christmas, get that special someone a gift made with love here at Noodoll - Noodoll have you covered this Noel.