For this Lunar New Year, we have created a range of new plushie Ricemonsters, inspired by the imagery and symbols surrounding the holiday. These new designs include a white Ricetiger the tiger, super cute dumpling Ricedumpling, Ricemoyashi bean sprout, Ricebokchoi, Riceturnip (with new ears!) and Ricespud dressed up as a super sweet pineapple.

With each Lunar New Year order, we will be giving out a free chunlian and paper red envelope, so don’t delay! Have a look around our LNY shop and order now!

Let’s welcome the new Ricemonsters!


As Ricetiger was so popular last year, we decided to give them a new white coat for 2023 - and don’t they look lovely? This lovable character is bursting full of personality and is so excited to be welcomed into your home. Featuring beautifully embroidered details like a cheeky grin and spikey tooth, and the cutest fluffy pom-pom tail; this plushie is the perfect addition to your collection. Which colour is your favourite - orange or white?


Ricedumpling is the cutest new addition to Ricetown - squishy on the outside, and super warm on the inside! Best friends with Ricbao, this little dumpling loves being surrounded by friends in Ricetown.
Made from super soft fabric with extra stuffing for that perfect squish, Ricedumpling has the sweetest embroidered smile and topped off with little flappy arms - adorable! This plushie comes with a velcro strap and new fabric keyring loop, so you can attach them anywhere and take them with you on the go. Where will you take them? Shop now.


Ricemoyashi the yellow bean sprout caused quite the stir when we posted them on our socials - popular in stir frys too, this little sproutlet will be sure to whip up a storm in your heart! Quirky and unique, this little Ricemonster hopes to one day sprout up big and tall, but they will need a lot of sunshine, water and love - which they are sure to get from their friends in Ricetown, and hopefully you too! With its handy keyring loop, you can carry them with you wherever you go. Tap here to get yours now!


Ricebokchoi the bok choi is a popular veggie eaten with friends and family during Lunar New Year -and all year round! Ricebokchoi is a sophisticated Ricemonster with sophisticated tastes. This plushie loves to cook and impress their fellow Ricemonsters with their culinary skills. There’s nothing better than cooking for all your friends - will you like Ricebokchoi cook for you?
Ricebokchoi is an irresistible addition to your plushie collection - adopt yours today!


As it is the Year of the Rabbit, what better way to celebrate than with our new Riceturnip plush design - do you like their new ears?! Riceturnip is the fastest rabbit on Ricetown Farm but doesn't like to show off about it! This little bunny has a soft beige body, with an embroidered face, a pom-pom tail and a plump, bendy ear. Riceturnip makes a great friend for fun adventures this Lunar New Year and is sure to bring a whole lot of smiles!

Pineapple Ricespud

And finally, this lunar New Year, your favourite mini potato plushie has dressed up as a super sweet pineapple. Don't they look adorable? That little spud just loves to dress up in fun outfits.

Made from super soft fluffy fabric, with little fluffy arms and stuffed to the brim for those extra chubby cuddles, why don’t you take this Ricespud home with you today!

Also check out our new Lunar New Year stickers especially for the Year of the Rabbit, in a beautiful pink, red and gold theme - don’t they look stunning? Which design is your favourite?

Explore the whole Lunar New Year collection and choose your favourite friends for the year of the Rabbit. Visit the collection page here.