Thank you Grazia!

Popular Women's Lifestyle Magazine Grazia have featured one of our Noodoll products in their February article, “The Best Gifts For New Mums And Mums-To-Be.” They featured our Ricebloom baby rattle, which is perfect for attaching to a pram or bag. Ricebloom is one of five adorable rattles we have available at noodoll - tap here to see the full collection.

Perfect Gifts for New Mums

We have so many other wonderful products and ideas for gifts for new and expectant mums, why not check out our Ricepuffy Playmat.

One of our 6 Noodoll playmats, this blanket/playmat is luxuriously large and made from extra-soft polyester fabric with embroidered features and soft details. They make a stylish throw or playmat for little ones and comes packaged in a beautiful gift box. Perfect for cuddling with, playing on, or sleeping under!

Also our Ricesunshine Cushion. Ricesunshine is a smiling sun who loves warming us up with their golden sun beams. They have a fluffy yellow body, yellow rays and a cute embroidered face. 

The Ricesunshine giant plush is perfect for brightening up your room and your day! Ideal for nurseries, living rooms, studies and bedrooms. Make sure to check out or other cushions and giant plushes here.

And our Ricespud Mini Plush! Ricespud is the cutest and most cuddly couch potato in Ricetown. This mini plushie is made from super soft fluffy fabric and stuffed to the brim for those extra chubby cuddles. 

Plus, their handy velcro strap and new fabric keyring loop mean you can attach or hang them anywhere you like. Perfect for attaching to a pram or bag!

With so many adorable mini plushies to choose from, who will you pick as your perfect little companion? Can’t decide? Why not start a collection, the Ricemonsters love to be together with their friends!

Choose the perfect present from Noodoll, whether it's a gift for someone special or a treat for yourself. If you would like to read the full Grazia article, please tap here.