#plasticfreejuly isn't just another hashtag for us at Noodoll. We're constantly rethinking and reworking what we do to be kinder to our Mama Earth.

As a brand we always bear an environmentally-friendly ethos in mind, during both our design and production process. We're improving ourselves step by step and hope to become an 100% eco friendly brand in the future. Like Ricesplash and Ricebombshell we want to do our bit to help. Here's just a few of changes we've made to help do our bit for our beautiful blue planet.

1. Plastic-free parcels

We've removed all plastic bags and wrappers from your orders, and instead wrap your Ricemonsters in sweet tissue paper.⁣ They're still safe and sound (we make sure to tuck them in so they're nice and snuggly) but this way we use a lot less plastic. We also reuse old boxes wherever we can. They might look a little crumpled but they'll always protect your goodies, and so much kinder to our planet too!⁣

2. Paper tape

No more vinyl tape on your parcels. Cute Noodoll paper tape makes it easier for you to recycle and easier to spot your incoming goodies from the postman! You can also buy our paper tape, in black or kraft, from our webshop.

3. Noodoll Surgery

As a small business we're very aware that we live in culture of disposable products and throw-away gifts. We design our Ricemonsters to be different. Each and every one is a friend for life and we believe that means they should last a lifetime too. Our Noodoll Surgery will fix up, stitch up and re-stuff any wear-and-tear that your Ricemonsters might gather over the years. It's totally free - we just ask that you pay for postage. 

4. Eco bottles

We try to use environmentally-friendly materials and processes wherever we can. Our latest launch, and one of most popular products ever, is our collaboration with 24Bottles. This rainbow range of sweet stainless steel bottles is carbon neutral and zero-waste - even the packaging is bio-degradable! You can shop the bottles here.

5. Sustainable wooden toys

Imaginative play that's super cute and eco-friendly too! Our Wooden Ricetown Play Set, a collaboration with kiko+ & gg is high-quality, is sustainably-made, and beautifully designed. Each play piece is screen-printed onto sustainable FSC Wood and you won't find any plastic here. Just like with our bottle range, we want to make sustainable products that are kind to the planet whilst still being super cute and stylish too!