Your new best friend for those lazy weekend mornings and all-night tv marathons; Ricespud mini plush toy is the cutest and most cuddly couch potato in Ricetown.

Will you binge the latest Netflix series with them? They're so excited to meet you!

Super fluffy and cuddly, and stuffed to the brim for those extra snuggly cuddles, Ricespud the potato plushie is absolutely irresistable. Their flappy little arms and cute tufty hair are too adorable. We're so in love with this plushie. Could they be our cutest design yet??

 Adopt our cute veg plushie Ricespud today and embrace potato life! Ricespud is a little reminder that it's okay to be a couch potato if you wanna be. And for all those times that you do venture out (for snacks?), this mini plush's velcro strap and keyring loop mean they can be right by your side the whole time. Take them anywhere with you like the cutest potato accessory ever!

Ricespud is the one for you, we just know it. Adopt your very own little potato today, tap here.

Adopt Ricespud today