Welcome to the Noo Graveyard

For the launch of our Halloween shop, we decided to highlight some of our past plush toy designs and remember some of the Ricemonsters that are gone from our range, but not forgotten - by making them commemorative headstones.

Classic Noodoll Design

Over the years, the design of Noodoll plush toys has evolved, and the Noo Graveyard was created to showcase this. Whilst some aspects of the toy designs have changed, many of the classic Noodoll characteristics have remained constant throughout. Who remembers early designs, such as these cuties: Dust, Ricefox, Ricefig and Plato!

Bring me back to life!

Sad you missed out on some of these old classics? Wish you could resurrect one of them? Now’s your chance! Click here to comment and vote for one of our no-longer-with-us Ricemonsters and bring them back from the dead! Whichever gets the most votes on our Instagram will be remade into a special, limited edition plush available for a short period of time. Get voting now - which one will you choose?

Once our Halloween shop is closed, the Noo Graves will be moved to a permanent home on the website, in the “About Us” section. Check it out!