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Howdy! I’m Riceouch. I give the best hugs in the Ricetown Desert, would you like a free hug? I'm a cuddly Cactus! Most Ricemonsters think I’m too prickly to cuddle but I'm not!

Favourite thing: My guitar
Dislike: Hurting Ricemonsters with my prickles
Can't live without: Hugs

Riceouch learnt to play the guitar so they could perform love songs to Riceoops.

Riceouch loves to cuddle and sometimes carries a ‘Free Hugs’ sign, but most Ricemonsters find them too prickly.

They love to pretend to be a cowboy and are really good at doing tricks with their lasso rope.

Riceouch sometimes plays tennis but the ball always ends up stuck on their Cactus prickles - game over!

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