Jun 23

Summer Fruit Salad

Posted 2 months ago by Noodoll

Making fruit salad is a super fun and really easy activity to try with your little monsters at home. This time of year we can choose from lots of tasty fruit that’s in season now, or head to farms and pick our own (even more fun!).

Read on for ideas and our favourite fruit combos!

1. Choose your fruit

You can pick by colours, textures or tastes. Ricesweet always goes for a beautiful berry combo but Riceananas loves a tropical choice. How about a rainbow bowl? Or crunchy vs soft?

2. Chop it up

This part is super fun for kids to do by themselves – just make sure the knife isn’t too sharp. We like to cut our fruits up into different shapes and sizes to make it more interesting. Try using cute cookie cutters! Ricebaba loves to cut little stars to match their chubby cheeks.

3. Pick your toppings

Cheeky Ricepear always adds chocolate sprinkles and coconut flakes but you can add almost anything! Nuts bring a nice crunch and add interesting shapes and textures. How about some yoghurt or fruit juice?

4. Arrange your bowl

It doesn’t even have to be a bowl – this is the real fun part! Create pictures, stories and pretty patterns with your fruit. Make a self-portrait, an animal or a Ricemonster!

Then there’s only one thing left to do! Head outside, find a nice peaceful spot in the sunshine, and chomp away at your fruity creation.

Don’t worry – no Ricetown friends were harmed in the making of your fruit salad. Check out our website to browse the whole fruit and veg mini plush range!

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