Jul 18

Explore the Characters of Ricetown – Ricetown Jungle

Posted 3 months ago by Noodoll

The characters that inhabit the world of Noodoll all have their own personalities and, just like us, those personalities are all totally unique. We now have over 50 residents of Ricetown, and everybody living here is different.

Grab your binoculars and your best treasure map – we’re heading deep into the jungle!

Read on to find out more about each character that lives here, and find your perfect match.

Down in the jungle where everyone goes, you’ll find lots of fun friends waiting to play. There’s the siblings Do Bird (the resident DJ) Re Bird (Who is very lazy indeed) and Mi Bird (Ricetown’s Postman). You’ll find Ricebamboo, the fussy eater who enjoys the finer things in life, and Ricebambee, who is allergic to almost everything!

Ricecharming will be hopping around looking for someone to turn them into a prince, and Ricecoco will no doubt be playing some practical jokes.

The sloths Riceless and Riceslow are always hanging out here. Riceless will be sleeping (their favourite past-time!) and their friend Riceslow will be practising yoga. The newest arrivals and monkey siblings Riceoohooh and Riceaahaah will be playing hide-and-seek, like always. Good luck finding them!

It’s a busy and bustling place full of friendly faces that just cannot WAIT to have some fun with you. We hope you’ll be back to visit again soon!

Which cuddly friend is the perfect fit for you?