Jul 25

Explore the Characters of Ricetown – Ricetown Desert

Posted 3 months ago by Noodoll

The characters that inhabit the world of Noodoll all have their own personalities and, just like us, those personalities are all totally unique. We now have over 50 residents of Ricetown, and everybody living here is different.

It’s always Summertime in Ricetown Desert so I hope you’ve got your suncream on. Let’s see who we can find there today…

Read on to find out more about each character that lives here, and find your perfect match.

The sun shines down brightly on Ricetown Desert, where Ricedino the snack-obsessed dinosaur lives. Their big sharp teeth are perfect for chomping all day long! They live there with their sibling Miss Dino, who has a sweet tooth for treats and cakes. Also living here is Riceoops, a very forgetful and clumsy cactus, and Ricceouch, who just wants a hug (they just can’t seem to find anyone willing!)

Ricespotty is new to town, they’re a shop-a-holic and mathelete combined. Ricesavanna is a brave explorer who hopes that one day their neck will grow tall. And finally, Riceleon, who thinks they rule Ricetown Desert. The rest of the residents aren’t too sure…

Don’t let the heat put you off, this place is as fun as fun can be. And with new residents arriving all the time you never know who you’ll bump in to next!

Which cuddly friend is the perfect fit for you?