Jul 17
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Explore the Characters of Ricetown – Ricetown City Centre

Posted 3 months ago by Noodoll

The characters that inhabit the world of Noodoll all have their own personalities and, just like us, those personalities are all totally unique. We now have over 50 residents of Ricetown, and everybody living here is different.

This week we’re donning our smartest suits and heading into the big city, to the hustle and bustle of Ricetown City Centre

Read on to find out more about each character that lives here, and find your perfect match.

Lots of friends are waiting in the busy city, like kind-hearted Ricecracker, glamourous Ricebonbon and geeky Riceananas. There’s also Riceroar, who’s full of beans and always has something exciting to say (or shout!). Ricemon, who could be the scariest Ricemonster in all of Ricetown if they wanted to. But to their friends, they’re loyal, loving and kind.

There’s Ricehawking, who loves sharing ideas and theories with us (even if we don’t always understand them); Ricepapa, an old-timer who is always on hand to give friendly advice or a big comforting hug; Ricetache, the Artist-in-Residence at Ricetown Gallery; and Ricecoal the nomad of Ricetown.

Ricedapper is a true gentlemonster and the most suave Ricemonster in town. Ricefluff always looks their best. They’re constantly brushing their soft soft fur to make sure its perfect. And don’t forget,Ricejagger lives here too. A true rockstar. They love music and play it as loud as they can!

Which cuddly friend is the perfect fit for you?