Oct 18
A day in Ricetown: a Ricemonster activity book | Noodoll

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Posted 8 months ago by Noodoll

Have you ever wanted to spend a day in Ricetown? Meet and play with some of your favourite Ricemonsters as they prepare for Ricecracker’s birthday party. A day in Ricetown: a Ricemonster activity book will take you on a journey that takes in colouring, drawing, games and puzzles! Riceslow will show you all of his favourite parts of the activity book below!

The activity book contains six character paper bookmarks and two blank bookmarks to make own bookmark and follow your favourite Ricemonsters around Ricetown!


On the inside cover you can find all of your favourite characters, their names and a whole family tree so you can learn to recognize each Ricemonster.


You bookmarks can slide in different places on each page to create a new image and reveal what activity you can do on each page.


On each page, you will find a fun activity to complete, including colouring, puzzles and more fun things.

To purchase a copy of this activity book, please click on this link. This activity book was published in English by Thames & Hudson and is also available in French, Spanish and Swedish. If you would like to purchase another language than english, please get in touch with us by email.