Feb 28

Ricecoco Dress-up Competition Entries

Posted 6 months ago by Noodoll

We had so much fun looking through all of your Ricecoco dress-up designs! Thank you to all the talented little artists who sent in their drawings – we LOVED each and every one! And our cheeky monkey Ricecoco had a blast too – now they have SO many ideas for fancy dress parties in Ricetown Jungle.

It was super hard for us to pick a winner, but we finally decided on this Rainbow Ricecoco by Laurel, age 9.



Here are some more of ours (and Ricecoco’s!) favourite Ricecoco designs:


Aren’t they amazing?! We also had so much fun reading what you guys named the Ricecocos on the other side of the activity sheet, as well as admiring all the incredible colouring skills. Have a look at these:


Even though Caveman Ricecoco has found a new home, you can still download the activity sheet and have some fun colouring and designing.

We know we would definitely love to see some more beautiful creations, so send them over to us via email at hello@noodoll.com or tag us on Instagram using @noodoll when you’ve completed yours.