Nov 29

Printable Advent Calendar

Posted 9 months ago by Noodoll

The countdown to Christmas has started and Ricetown is buzzing! We have created a printable advent calendar so you can count down the days till Christmas with your favourite Ricemonster characters!

Download the template here and follow the instructions below to make your own Ricemonster advent calendar!


Step 1: For this DIY project you will need to print all the templates single-sided on white paper (preferably in colour). If you would like to print the template in black and white, you can also colour each character in before making your advent boxes. You will also need a pair of scissors, a craft knife and some paper glue.

Step 2: Start by cutting out each character from the template and the strip next to the character.

Step 3: Using a craft knife, cut a slot in the back of each template along the small line above the number.

Step 4: Fold the character along the other lines and add some glue on the tabs on each end of the paper strip.


Step 5: Glue each tab on the sides of the character template as demonstrated on the image.

Step 6: Now, you can put a treat of your choice in the paper box (make sure it’s not perishable).

Step 7: Close the paper box by slotting the tab on the front into the slot on the back of the box.

Step 8: Make all 24 boxes and enjoy!

We hope that you enjoyed making this printable advent calendar. We love to see your take on our DIY projects, so please share them with us by tagging your images #noodoll on Instagram or Facebook!