Jul 11

Explore the Characters of Ricetown – Ricetown Icy Park

Posted 2 months ago by Noodoll

The characters that inhabit the world of Noodoll all have their own personalities and, just like us, those personalities are all totally unique. We now have over 50 residents of Ricetown, and everybody living here is different.

This week we’re grabbing our snow boots and heading up north to the chilliest place around – Ricetown Icy Park.

Read on to find out more about each character that lives here, and find your perfect match.

If you trek up North as far as you can go, you’ll reach the snowy playgrounds of Ricetown Icy Park. You’ll surely find Riceskating trying their fin at a new winter sports game (and probably falling over too – they’re so clumsy). You’ll see Riceberg chilling out on a lump of ice, fishing. Ricecube the budding Meteorologist will be there too.

Also living in this winter wonderland areRicepudding, the little blue mouse who loves hot chocolate, and sleepyRicepuffy is always wandering round looking for somewhere cozy to snuggle up and snooze.

Which cuddly friend is the perfect fit for you?