Jul 4

Noodoll loves Pride

Posted 2 months ago by Noodoll

Here at Noodoll we always strive to champion diversity. Just like us our Ricemonsters come in all different shapes, sizes and colours, and each one has their own unique and beautiful personality.

If you follow us on Instagram you may have seen our super cute and colourful rainbow posts throughout June. Each week we chose a new colour and picked our favourite friends sporting the shade to come to together for a group photoshoot.

Read on and journey through our Noodoll Rainbow:


Check out our pretty-in-pink (and red) friends from week one of our rainbow. Our Ricesurimi and Ricefluff cushions are so super soft and make the perfect friends for big or little ones! Who can resist Ricepeach and Ricebutter’s cute button noses? Ricesweet has climbed all the up on top of their friend’s head to stand up as tall as they can. Or maybe it was to get away from Ricebeet’s loud scream. Ricebeet is sooo noisey, unlike the sweet and soft voice of our music mobile, Ricebow.


Week two was yellow week – these friends really brought the sunshine! Three Riceananas (in cushion, mini, and plush toy form) made for a totally tropical time. And our new buddy Riceleon is in this photo too. As a cushion and a plush! Do Bird and Ricecracker are some of our original designs and we love their bright colours. And we know it’s Summertime but don’t forget about our little friend Riceacorn – they love to join in the fun all year round.


We showcased our favourite green friends for week three. The loving Ricedino is always super popular, and who can resist that cute smile! The Ricemelons (cushion and mini) have joined the group too. Big and juicey and perfect for Summertime! Also in this sweet portrait are our other food minis Riceapple and Riceccoli, Riceouch the cuddly cactus, and Ricefly our new baby rattle!


We have lots of beautiful blue and pretty purple Ricemonsters. Ricepearl is part of our under-the-sea music mobile range. Our Ricebat baby ring rattle is another new friend to join Ricetown Vegetable Farm. Maybe they’ll meet cheeky Ricepear or little Ricebaba there? Ricesprinkle, our fluffy narwharl plush toy,is always super popular. They’ve jumped all the way to to top of Ricerain, our soft rainbow cushion, with their friend Re Bird. Oops, sorry Riceberg, we nearly didn’t see you there! How could we miss your super cuddly blue body!

Black + White

Our final week was all about the sleek and stylish monochrome plush toys. These friends look beautiful as a decoration for your home or as a sweet toy for your little ones. We love the Ricepuffy and Riceberry cushions at the back of the photo, and what could be softer than the smaller Ricepuffy or Ricewool plushes? If you’re looking for a more sophisticated plush then Ricetache and their funky gold moustache is the friend for you! From our cloud range we’ve featured our Ricestorm plush and Ricehush music mobile.

And that’s a wrap!

We had a lot of fun making these photos and we hope you guys enjoyed looking at them and reading about all of our colourful Ricemonster friends!

Do you have a lovely rainbow collection of plush toys at home? We’d love to see! Send us your photos on Instagram or Facebook.