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Night Light Stories

Night Light Stories

Posted 10 months ago by Noodoll

Noodoll night lights are great companions for little monsters who are afraid of the dark! Ricemon, Ricewool and Ricebonbon all have a Noodoll night light, find out what they use theirs for!

Ricemon’s Night Light

Night Light Stories

Ricemon is a daredevil and the bravest monster in Ricetown! Ricemon loves to watch the scariest horror films around but secretly gets really scared, so Ricemon keeps his Ricecracker night light close and feels so much better!

Ricewool’s Night Light

Night Light Stories

Ricewool is a hard working farmer who is up before dawn to tend to his crops before other Ricemonsters wake up. Ricewool takes his Ricecarrot light with him to light up the barn, what a perfect work buddy Ricecarrot makes!

Ricebonbon’s Night Light

Night Light Stories

Ricebonbon is the most stylish Ricemonster in town. Ricebonbon loves to decorate her home with beautiful objects. The Ricecracker and Ricecarrot night lights make the perfect addition to her stylish living room decor!

About the Noodoll Night Lights

These portable Ricemonster friends offers comfort if little ones wake up during the night. They come in two colours, pink Ricecarrot and yellow Ricecracker. They are made from eco-friendly materials and use low energy LED so it is bright but does not get hot. The Noodoll night lights have a 60 minute time to turn off on its own. The Noodoll night lights are packaged in the cutest space inspired box, making them a great gift!


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