Mar 7

Guess Who Competition

Posted 6 months ago by Noodoll

It’s International Women’s Month and to celebrate we’re running a competition throughout the whole of March. Each week our Noosletter will feature a different Ricemonster dressed as an inspirational woman. All you have to do is guess who they are! The winner will get to pick one of the four Ricemonsters/Women as their very special prize!

It’s super simple and lots of fun! But make sure you’re signed up to our Noosletter as we’ll be picking a winner from our subscriber list. Click here to sign up!

Each week will our Noosletter will feature a Guess Who section at the bottom of the page. Scroll down to there and you’ll find a Ricemonster dressed up as an inspirational and iconic woman. There will be four different women to guess, one for each week of March.

We now have the first two clues, but make sure you’re signed up to catch the others.


This Finnish artist and author is a big inspiration to all of us here at Noodoll. Did you know her famous characters started life as a series of anti-fascist cartoons in WW2? You go girl!


This incredible lady has dedicated her life to helping our friends in the animal kingdom. Did you know she was of the first to give the animals she studied names, instead of numbers.


According to Hindu mythology this Daughter of Mountains was, along with her husband, the creator of the universe. She is a loving and motherly goddess and represents women in control of their own energy.


At the end of the month fill out the form below with all four answers. The winner will get to pick one of the four Ricemonsters to take home with them!

Good luck everyone!

Guess Who