Jul 12

Printable Football Game

Posted 1 year ago by Noodoll

There is football madness everywhere in Ricetown, Noodoll FC has made it to the world championship final! This week we have created a printable football game for you; decorate each player with  your favourite team’s colours and play a match.

Download the template here and follow the instructions below to make your own paper football game!

Printable Football Game

Materials: For this DIY project you will need the templates printed on white paper, some colouring pencils and markers, a pair of scissors and a kraft knife.

Step 1: Start by colouring in each character’s bib with your favourite team’s colours and jersey design. You can also invent one for your own dream team!

Step 2: Carefully cut out each characters on the page.

Step 3: Using your kraft knife cut out the two finger holes on the bottom of each character. Make sure to print out the football pitch.


We have also created a score sheet for the Fifa World Cup final on Sunday. You can ask your friends and family to make a guess on the score and see who is right after the match!

We hope that you enjoyed making this printable football paper game. We love to see your take on our DIY projects, so please share them with us by tagging your images #noodoll on Instagram or Facebook!